Coaching packages range from $50 to $500. Clients usually coach with me for anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 years. Take a look at the coaching offerings, courses, services and products I offer for sale. You can also make a payment directly below. Thanks for stopping by!

Product & Services

  • 4s’ Up Cs’ for Learning and Life Behavior Intervention Critical Thinking Model


    4s’ Up Cs’ for Learning 7 Life Behavior an effective youth development model combining youth culture, thinking skills, social emotional developmen

    RRP $20.00 USD
    Save 25%
    $15.00 USD
    Not rated yet
  • Black Emotional Eating


    Black Emotional Eating gives African Americans an understanding of the emotional force driving the overweight and obesity crisis in Black communities.

    RRP $15.00 USD
    Save 33%
    $10.00 USD
    Not rated yet
  • How to Reduce and Manage Work Related Stress


    The Ebook 'How to Reduce and Manage Work Related Stress' provides readers with information on job stress that will improve their overall health.

    RRP $10.00 USD
    Save 30%
    $7.00 USD
    Not rated yet
  • Targets of Oppression


    The book 'Targets of Oppression' is a must read for those coaches providing effective life-coaching to Black men.

    RRP $30.00 USD
    Save 67%
    $9.99 USD
    Not rated yet

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