Kenny Anderson is a seasoned wholistic self-care wellness coach, specializing in stress mangement, heart wellness, physical wellness particularly shoulder pain self-care, and life-transitions.

Over the many years as a social worker I noticed that whether they were family members, relatives, friends, or co-workers most of them were minimally taking care of themselves – for the most part neglecting their health 'self-care'.

This self-care neglect was resulting in emotional distress and physical health problems (obesity, diabetes, heart disease, frozen shoulders, etc.), and premature deaths. 

Indeed, over time self-care neglect will take its toll; the mind and body must express itself and will let you know it has a problem that we often ignore. Once a physical, mental, or emotional problem arises, getting rid of it will probably be more difficult than if you had maintained a well-balanced self-care routine.

The lack of exercise, poor sleep, bad eating habits, stress, mental fatigue, and muscle tension will all start to have a significant negative effect on your health and well-being. You cannot give what you don’t have! You may reach a point where you can no longer provide or take care of those around you, or the things around you. 

Seeing this self-care neglect I started conducting self-care workshops and providing self-care wellness coaching. As a self-care wellness coach I stress to clients they cannot afford to put themselves on the bottom of their daily to-do list (or leave themselves out entirely) due to time constraints.

Attending to their spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, and employment self-care needs can help them prevent illnesses, or reduce the negative effects caused by the many challenges and adversities of life.

Self-care is a lifelong process that is done on a daily basis. It’s the best thing that you can do to position yourself to successfully cope and manage everyday stressors and problems that arise.

The healthier and better off you are, the more you are able to provide and take care of the people you love, and the things you care about.

Besides teaching clients self-care wellness and providing them with self-care skills and techniques, I work with clients to establish three affirmations in their lives:

1. I am a priority in my own life.

2. I can take time to develop my whole self.

3. I will allow myself time for self-healing 


Pontiac , MI
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